We are delighted to be continuing our partnership with Masterpiece London, the pre-eminent cross collecting art fair, where visitors can view and buy the finest works of art, design, furniture and jewellery – from antiquity to the present day.

As Exhibitor Lounge Partner, Plowden & Smith is working closely with the Masterpiece London team to give exhibitors the most comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable experience within the Exhibitor Lounge. This will include some indulgent touches, and some handy emergency kits, available within the Plowden & Smith booth.

The Plowden & Smith booth will also act as a front of house services desk to book one of our conservation services specifically developed for fair exhibitors. These treatments draw on solutions we have previously provided to galleries at Masterpiece London; including rapid-response technical support, urgent restoration and conservation treatments carried out at our studio, a daily pre-opening conservation cleaning service, short notice independent condition reports, as well as informal advice on conservation and display.

“We are delighted to be the Exhibitor Lounge partner, as this will give Masterpiece exhibitors the attractive and comfortable environment they deserve, whilst taking some much-deserved down time. Whether it’s a comfortable seat at the end of a shift; a flick through a coffee table book; or simply sparing exhibitors an off-site trip by giving them that crucial nail file; we aim to be on hand to provide meaningful, unobtrusive support. With many galleries longstanding friends and clients of Plowden & Smith, being the Masterpiece London Exhibitor Lounge Partner feels like the perfect way of saying thank you to them, and to all the exhibitors who make Masterpiece London such a special event.”
– Camilla Hughes-Hunt, Managing Director, Plowden & Smith

For further information and a bespoke quote for the services listed above, please contact Galia Kirilova on 020 3026 6976 or email galia.kirilova@plowden-smith.com, stating that you are a Masterpiece London 2022 partner.