Environmental sustainability is at the heart of our business values


Integral to Plowden & Smith’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy is our commitment to sustainable development. We are aware of the impact our day-to-day operations have on the environment and we place the utmost importance on operating in an environmentally responsible way.

Within the constraints of providing museum-quality services that frequently require the use of chemicals, woods, paper or packaging materials, we are committed to identify and using alternatives where possible which will reduce both local and global environmental damage.

To ensure continuous improvement in our environmental performance we regularly review and update our Sustainability policy and check our suppliers’ sustainability criteria.

Our Sustainability policy is focused on the key areas that our business has a negative environmental impact and can be summarized as follows.

• Careful planning of collections and deliveries, thereby keeping the use of transport to a minimum
• Recycling
• Encouraging reuse of materials where feasible and minimising waste
• Sourcing materials and products responsibly from suppliers and companies committed to operating in a sustainable way
• Complying with all relevant legislation
• Continuous improvement, for example keeping abreast of relevant local and national green initiatives
• Offering a free collection and delivery service within London once a week. This has significantly reduced the number of journeys our vehicle makes, and as such lessened our fuel emissions
• Encouraging employees to walk, cycle or take public transport to work, and for work-related activities
• Having multiple paper, plastic and glass recycling bins throughout the building
• Operating a minimum waste practice in our studio, reducing the use of raw materials, energy and supplies
• Wherever possible, choosing non-harmful, non-polluting chemicals and technologies
• Researching and selecting suppliers and contractors with similar environmental standards
• Ensuring that all office stationery is sourced from a sustainable supplier
• Raising awareness, encouraging participation and training employees in environmental matters