Premium Art Restoration Services since 1966

“A great restorer must be an artist as well as a surgeon – and Plowden & Smith is their home!”

– Giles E. Collector of European Works of Art

Plowden & Smith is a leading provider of art restoration services.

Our specialist departments contain a formidable range of knowledge and over 100 years of combined experience.

Our diverse skill set and vast experience finding innovative, long lasting solutions for some of the most challenging restoration projects means that in many areas, our expertise is unmatched.

All our restoration practices are informed by the latest advancements in scientific research, guided by contemporary ethical theory and underpinned by internationally recognised standards of best practice.

In addition to working throughout the UK we undertake restoration and exhibition projects for galleries, collectors and museums located all around the world.

Plowden & Smith operates under inward-processing relief.

To find out more about our services, or to have an informal no obligation discussion about a potential project, please contact us.

“If it’s worth having, it’s worth keeping. And if it’s broken fix it. Plowden & Smith is my go-to restorer for art and furniture!”

– Nick Vinson, Wallpaper*

Our Values


Plowden & Smith takes its role in within the wider heritage community extremely seriously and operates to the highest ethical standards. The company is proud of its stance on many of the key issues affecting the museum sector and the wider community, including sustainability, corporate social responsibility and illicit trade.

Continued Professional Development

We recognise the immense benefits of investing in our talented team, both for the contribution it brings to us as a world-leading conservation company, and the knowledge that can be subsequently passed on to the wider museum and heritage community at industry conferences and symposia.

Our conservators and exhibitions technicians have a personal Continued Professional Development fund and are actively encouraged by their line managers to attend training courses, and to periodically present at conferences, both in the UK and Europe.

In addition to investing in our own team, as part of our commitment to furthering professional development within the sector, Plowden & Smith was pleased to provide almost £3000 worth of travel bursaries to help fourteen oversees delegates attend the most recent 6th International Mountmakers Forum (London, September 2018).