High Quality, Cost-Effective Museum Services Since 1966


We offer world class exhibition mount making, installation, research, conservation and collections care services to museums and institutions of all sizes in the UK and around the world

Our dedicated team of mountmakers, exhibitions technicians and conservators join us from some of the most prestigious conservation training courses and museum conservation studios in the world.
We work with museum curators, exhibition designers, and leading showcase manufacturers on projects that range in size from mounting an entire collection for a major international museum, to using scientific analysis to condition report a single object in a small private collection.
Our Senior Exhibition Technicians and Conservation Managers ensure that all suitable treatment methods and processes are explored, that conservation ethics, best practice and health and safety is rigorously adhered to, and that excellent results are achieved in a cost-effective and timely manner. All our services are informed by the latest advancements in scientific research, guided by contemporary ethical theory and underpinned by internationally recognised standards of best practice.
In addition to mountmaking and installation consultancy, we offer advanced scientific analysis, condition reporting, and preventive and interventive conservation. Our inter-disciplinary approach to conservation results in long-lasting solutions to some of the most challenging materials to preserve, which is highly prized by museums and institutions located around the world.